Kiran fell in love with air hostess, Kiran’s girlfriend is more beautiful than heroine (see photo)

Goalkeeper Kiran Chemjong, the former captain of the Nepalese football team, is an expert in blocking the opponent’s hard shot on the field. Sometimes by crawling, sometimes by falling and sometimes by jumping, he has made hundreds of strikes monotonous till date. However, a powerful blow off the ground drove them away. This hit was none other than a fan girl. He injured Kiran not by football but by expressing his love. She is Kanchan Niraila.

By profession, Air Hostess Kanchan is working in Shree Airlines. She is no less than an actress or model in terms of beauty. She was close to the legend of Nepalese football as a fangirl. It is not known since when she managed to rule the hearts of Kiran, but now their love affair has become official. Kiran presented Kanchan to the world by winning the Football League title held in Maldives yesterday. The couple’s marriage was confirmed when they took a romantic pose with the girlfriend in front of their team and put a ring on her.

About a year and a half ago, Kanchan met Kiran for the first time in the Three Nations Cup held in the country. She was also in the queue of fans who wanted to take pictures with Kiran. Wearing pants with large knee openings, Kanchan looked good with Kiran in the camera frame.

Kanchan’s beauty was praised after the video footage of the scene came on Tiktok. Kiran did not pay much attention to him. In later days, few people know how they came close, who proposed, where did they go on a date, etc. However, his close ones were aware of their relationship. Now when they will tie the knot, it has become a matter of wait. Let us now see some beautiful pictures of Kanchan, which we have ‘stolen’ from her social media.

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